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What We Do

At Grow Right, we believe in helping people find their perfect fit for careers, make new connections and foster thriving company cultures.

Meet ERICA, Your Recruitment Concierge and part of the team providing your total workforce intelligence platform.

We’re not just matching candidates to roles; we’re reimagining recruitment to foster precision, growth, diversity, and community.

Discover new talent

As an HR manager responsible for company recruitment, you know the challenges of sourcing and hiring the right candidates for your teams. With the increasing size of candidate pools, finding the ideal fit becomes time-consuming and complex. While there's no replacement for years of recruitment experience, ERICA provides you a suite of tools to streamline this process, helping you to efficiently identify the 'unicorn' candidates from the ever-growing pool.

Identify new roles

As a job seeker you know all too well the pain of looking for the perfect role. What are the conditions, what is the culture and will it be the right fit? What are the benefits and conditions, Are the projects going to excite me? But most importantly, am I going to be in a position to succeed and add value? Our research shows being valued and excited as the number 1 key factor, of employee satisfaction.

Connections con

As a professional you know you grow by making the right connections, whether that is through communities of practices, training providers, or career mentors. People grow when they are inspired and feel supported when achieving their goals.

ERICA understands what is needed to create those meaningful connections to help you.

Hire with confidence

As a Recruiter responsible for finding the perfect candidate, we know you start your job sorting through large volumes of applicants, you rely on keyword resume searches and behavioural interviews, all of which are impacted by human bias. What if something was missed, like those soft skills that people often forget to add, or don't actually attribute to themselves in a resume or introductory letter. Or a little niggling feeling this may not work out, even thought skills are perfect there may be further insights available to suggest a more suitable candidate.

Who We Are

Grow Right is an innovative company with a clear mission of using #ai as a means of growing Careers, Companies and Communities.

We aim to revolutionise recruitment with an unbiased, efficient solution. Our platform empowers recruiters to swiftly identify top-quality candidates, free from unconscious biases. Unlocking diverse talent, we offer fair opportunities for job seekers and a competitive edge for employers. Addressing the gender gap in the IT industry, our solution promotes diversity by removing biases.

Join us in shaping a more inclusive future.


Chief Executive Officer
Visionary Business Leader with an award-winning track record for designing, optimising and leading enterprise digital transformations.


Chief Product Officer
Executing the company's vision and strategy through innovative human first product design and development.


Chief Technology Officer
Experienced Solutions Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

Are you ready to meet ERICA? 

Meet ERICA, your Recruitment Concierge designed and developed by Grow Right to be not only a top-tier recruitment specialist, but a wholistic growth and intelligence platform.

ERICA redefines recruitment with her unique methods, tailored to the needs of her clients:

  • For Recruiters: ERICA’s state-of-the-art techniques allow a deeper dive into candidate pools, ensuring efficient and precision-matched role placements. With ERICA, recruiters can elevate their placement success rate and minimize biases, setting them apart in the competitive recruitment landscape.

  • For HR Managers: ERICA brings streamlined workflows and top-tier talent pinpointing, empowering HR managers to drive company growth and champion a diverse workplace culture. ERICA’s refined approach to evaluating candidates based on comprehensive factors ensures the best talent is always on board.

  • For Training Centers: By evaluating candidates on factors like education and past roles, ERICA can effectively direct individuals to training centers tailored to their growth and skill enhancement. This bridges the gap between what the industry needs and what training centers offer, ensuring curriculum relevance and heightened enrollment.

  • For Candidates: ERICA values community and connectivity, ensuring candidates are not just placed, but integrated into professional ecosystems where their skills and aspirations align. Candidates can trust ERICA to find roles where they’ll thrive and build lasting professional relationships.

With her years of expertise, ERICA continually refines her approach, evaluating candidates on experience, past roles, education, and many other pivotal factors, setting a benchmark in recruitment efficiency. Moreover, ERICA’s refined techniques lead to a holistic recruitment process, minimizing biases and championing a diverse workplace culture. By enhancing the recruitment process and pinpointing top-tier talent, she helps companies thrive and innovate. Plus, ERICA values the essence of community and connectivity, fostering strong, enduring relationships between candidates and employers in the professional world.