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Insights from Breaking the Mould – Tackling Australia’s Talent Shortage

Grow Right’s Philip Barnes recently had the opportunity to fly up to Sydney and attend the “Breaking the Mould – Tackling Australia’s Talent Shortage” event in Sydney, hosted by Recruitment Entrepreneur Australia at the wonderful JobAdder offices. The event featured three insightful speakers who shared valuable insights in their concise presentations. Here’s a summary of our key takeaways:

JobAdder – Talent Market:  Shuba Paheerathan from JobAdder provided valuable insights into the current talent market. One important statistic that stood out was the ratio of job losses to tech job creations. For every job lost last year, an impressive 20 tech jobs were created. This highlights the stability and growth potential of the tech industry, particularly in Australia. This reaffirmed the significance of our mission at Grow Right to increase diversity and reduce bias in recruitment, especially in the tech sector.

Vanguard Digital Consulting: Justin McAvoy  and Paula Dickson from  Vanguard Digital Consulting  shared their journey of launching a startup. Their candid account of the highs and lows of entrepreneurship was both inspiring and informative. It’s encouraging to see the support and investment being directed towards innovative ventures in the recruitment industry.

Rugby 7’s Captain – Transitioning from Professional Sport: The presence of the Rugby 7’s Henry Hutchison added a unique perspective to the event. He provided insights into transitioning from a professional sports career to the next phase of life. His experiences and lessons learned resonated with the audience, highlighting the importance of education and career planning beyond sports. Henry’s experiences highlighted the importance of adaptability, resilience, and embracing new opportunities, qualities that resonate with our mission to foster inclusivity and create pathways for underrepresented groups.

During the event, we had the pleasure of connecting with several industry professionals, each with their own expertise and areas of interest. The event reaffirmed the massive interest in our mission of increasing diversity and reducing bias in recruitment. However, it also highlighted the need to clearly communicate how we achieve this and differentiate ourselves from other platforms which primarily rely on keyword matching compared to our AI-empowered algorithms and machine learning capabilities which rapidly find ideal quality candidates while reducing bias and fostering inclusivity.

At Grow Right, we remain committed to revolutionizing recruitment practices, promoting diversity, and creating a more inclusive and equitable professional environment. The knowledge and connections gained from events like Breaking the Mould fuel our determination to make a meaningful impact.