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2022 – the Year of Partnerships for Grow Right Digital

2022 was a big year for Grow Right Digital, with the team laying down the foundations on which we plan to build an incredibly successful 2023.

If there was a theme for 2022, it was partnerships.

And the biggest partnership for Grow Right Digital was with Charles Gretton and the ANU #Techlauncher program. We started the year with getting back to basics, and by working with an incredibly talented team of ANU students, we did just that. The Techlauncher team was just as passionate as we were in finding the answers on how to remove explicit bias from recruitment screening. The result was a successful beta version of the solution that not only screens candidates extremely fast and accurately but removes explicit bias from the process. 

The Grow Right team highly recommends the ANU Techlauncher programme. If you have an idea and are willing to support a team of passionate, intelligent students, then this is a partnership that can be very rewarding for all participants.

The next big event for Grow Right was a natural outcome of the Techlauncher programme. We were so impressed with our team and keen to maintain the momentum, so we hired them 😊! Grow Right has significantly boosted our organisation and with the ANU team onboard, our ability to rapidly deliver great recruitment solutions.

Speaking of partnerships, GrowRight was very pleased to sponsor a number of events, including the always amazing AIIA lunches emcee by the always insightful and humorous Greg Boorer . The highlight though was the opportunity for GrowRight to present several ACT iAwards. The iAwards promote and recognise great innovation, and it was a true honour to be able to be part of something so important. And who knows, maybe one day Grow Right might compete for an iAward ourselves?

We also formed a partnership with WIC Women in ICT , sponsoring the pre-dinner cocktails at their annual dinner. A big part of Grow Right is about promoting diversity in recruitment. It’s a real challenge in Australia, and in our eyes, a real opportunity for our nation to take the lead in globally competitive times. The nation which truly harnesses the diversity of their citizens will gain a very real edge economically and socially. Unfortunately, the opposite is also very true.  So, for Grow Right to be part of the night of nights for WIC, was something a bit special. A sense that we could do something, that we can make a positive impact… it’s a good feeling for any organisation to have, and one that made our team even more passionate about achieving our goals.

Our final formal partnership in 2022 was with the wonderful team at the ACS (Australian Computer Society). The best part of this partnership is that it was so natural. We have long had a good relationship with the ACS, engaging together on a number of fronts over the years. Recently ACS has been engaged with ANU in the same space as the Techlauncher program. ACS is a great supporter of the WIC. ACS is an organisation which truly promotes and supports its members. The ACS support for such initiatives as the APS Digital Professions programme is exactly the same space that Grow Right’s AI-empowered recruitment technology adds value. 

And then there were the informal friendships formed. Huge shoutout to our friends at Deloitte, Callida Consulting, Experis, Synergy Group, Emanate Technology, Adecco, Modis, Clicks IT Recruitment, Xaana.Ai,  and more. A key part of what we do is providing solutions for recruitment, to promote diversity and reduce bias. But we don’t do it alone. We listen and we ask questions, and we learn. From the newest recruiter to the experienced industry veteran, everyone offers insights that help shape our solutions. That’s important to us. Not just sharing our passion over an industry lunch, but hearing the feedback, good and constructive, and learning. That is a core value for Grow Right and it’s baked into who we are and how we operate. And part of that is being grateful for the warm and generous support we have received. Thank you.

But what will 2023 bring? Well, Grow Right is growing and it is growing fast. We don’t want to make too many early announcements, but we are aiming to make 2023 our biggest year yet. With our growing team, our product roadmap set, and our drive for success high, we are looking forward to this year being something special for all of us. 

But it will also be a chance for Grow Right to give back to our community. So, something we will be doing is looking for opportunities to strengthen existing partnerships, and to find ways in which our vision, to increase diversity in recruitment, can be aligned with helping other community groups in achieving their goals. We have some pretty good ideas, but we are absolutely open to new suggestions and new partnerships.

Thank you

Bryce Undy