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What U.S. tech talent expects from remote work

The article titled “What US tech talent expects from remote work” discusses the results of a survey which is conducted among technology professionals to understand their perspectives and expectations on remote work. The survey shows that a majority of tech professionals prefer to work remotely at least some of the time, and that there is a strong desire for more flexibility in terms of when and where work is done. The survey also shows that employees are more productive while working remotely, but they are more likely to experience burnout and isolation.

It also highlights that the successful adoption of remote work requires new ways of working, communication, and digital tools, as well as a change in corporate culture. There are concerns around management, career progression and company culture, with many survey respondents indicating a desire for more frequent and transparent communication with their managers and team members.

Tech companies should focus on creating a sense of community, leveraging technology to facilitate communication and collaboration, and providing employees with the flexibility and autonomy they desire.

What do you think? What has your experience been in adopting more flexible and remote work arrangements? How was the sense of culture and belonging to something impacted? Would you ever go back to working in the office full time, or would you like to see more flexibility?

This is particularly relevant to the APS, with recent moves to expand flexibility in order to attract more candidates with hard-to-get skills. Is this a good idea?

Love to hear your thoughts!