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WIC Women in ICT #iwd2023 and Grow Right

Grow Right Digital was proud to be able to attend the wonder WIC Women in ICT #iwd2023 International Women’s Day event. The event was a huge success with some absolutely wonderful speakers. Kudos to the co-hosts, Alo – Enlightened Women and speaker Lubna Alam. Nu Nu Win provided some hard hitting truths about the current state of the APS in regards to promotion opportunities for Non-English Speakers, backed by some impressive data analysis. As someone who has a love for crunching data, I did love this presentation. Sue Williamson closed out the presentations with an insight into the challenges even the highest achieving women face in government.

The panel was great, with a wonderful question highlighting that maybe, just maybe, AI and machine learning technology implemented carefully could be used to help reduce bias in recruitment. A relevant topic touching upon an idea that the Grow Right team is quiet passionate about proving 😊.

Many thanks to Emanate Technology joining us at our table. Thank you Heidi Nuttall, Melissa Beaumont, Morgan Bell, and Constantine Karapanagos.  It was also great catching up with friends, Jenalle Bushby MACS CT and the ACS (Australian Computer Society) team, and many others.

We also were able to bring our students from ANU’s #Techlauncher program and I hope they enjoyed the lunch as much as the rest of us!

I would also like to thank the WIC team, who are all volunteers, for the inspirational event. The WIC team work very hard at these events, and there passion and love for the goals of WIC clearly shows. We couldn’t have great events without them, and for that I am thankful for their hard work and the great outcomes they achieve.